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Alex Slider - a jQuery slider

Alex Slider - a jQuery slider

We've been delivering JavaScript slider implementations to our clients for years, most recently utilizing jQuery based sliders, extending and evolving until we designed our newest, latest form, one comprised of the most superior characteristics of earlier generations, and aligned with our new demands. We call this version the Alex Slider.

Alex Slider

Named after Aleksander Gajic, the majority contributor to our current rendition of the slider, the Alex Slider was conceived when what we were working with didn't perfectly satisfy every clients' needs.

Though always expertly designed, and useful in most scenarios, there were occasions when the free and open-source implementations we build with weren't the right fit, so we had to solve the problem.

Due credit, of course, to the entire development team, with special reverence for Sladjana Miljanovic, for her influence during development, and her creation of a demo page to highlight the features and showcase the thirteen variations of the Alex Slider.  Watch it, review it, share it, or download it through this link and give it a spin yourself.

Because of the fairness of open-source software and especially the MIT license, you can use the slider free of charge. Modify it, copy it, share it. That's the brilliance at work.

If you find the Alex Slider inspirational, and have conceived a new variation, or features that you believe would improve upon it, please leave a comment or contact us here.

We hope that you find it useful, and that you explore the website in regards to information about other open-source and free web development solutions.

Marija Lazarevic and Aleksandar Milic at Vega IT
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