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Use case: Global retail shop

Use case: Global retail shop

Client: Global retail shop

This is a platform that allows its users to open their profiles, set up a picture and description of the product they want, and the application will filter the best product match. When the user receives the offer, he has the opportunity to choose the best option and complete the purchase.

Global Retail Shop


Our client provided us with already developed UI design and our responsibility was to develop a mobile app with all the listed features. Our goal was to increase the number of customers with easy-to-use mobile app and great user experience.

The team:

Our team consists of two software developers.


The technology we used was React native.


Our client provided us with REST API, which we used for further development of this mobile app. We designed the whole architecture for the client’s application using the REDUX library to manage all the data inside our application. This is a tiny library, but its contracts and APIs are carefully chosen to spawn the ecosystem of tools and extensions. React native is the technology which we use for both platforms - iOS and Android. The development of the application included the development of many features like a registration process, editable user profiles, push notifications, social login (using Firebase), uploading photos, placing products online, etc. Besides Google services, this application also uses a Stripe billing system.


Our client was satisfied with our efficiency and decided to continue the collaboration with Vega IT on implementing new features. Developing this Mobile App has attracted new customers and led to increasing the client’s annual profit.

For more information about this or any other project, feel free to contact us.

Marija Lazarevic and Aleksandar Milic at Vega IT
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