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Colleague of the month - December 2016

Colleague of the month - December 2016

At Vega IT every one of us can nominate a colleague as a "Colleague of the month", at any time. It is enough to write a single sentence stating why you're nominating that person. Anonymous online voting is organized at the end of each month. Our "Colleague of the month" in December 2016 is Darko Opala and this is the reason why.

The reasons why I nominate him are the following:

Being new in a team can be really hard, but when you have a colleague that is there for you, everything goes easier. Darko was VERY helpful to newcomers. He helped us a lot with learning Umbraco. He was up to his eyes in work, but nevertheless he was very helpful when needed. What makes the big difference in his approach is the fact that, while helping, he was very patient and cheerful, and that is why I am nominating him.

Colleague of the month - December 2016

Meet Darko Opala

Darko is a committed IT lifer. He picked up programming in high school. Various programming languages and platforms come to him effortlessly, so he is always searching for newer and greater challenges. This is why a career in software engineering is so appealing. Innovations and new twists are ever-present, and an integral part of the game. Information technology is the most dynamic industry of our age, and new problems to be solved appear daily.

Darko stays fit through weight training and basketball, and promotes a balanced, health focused lifestyle.

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