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Finding the perfect harmony

Finding the perfect harmony

Ever since I was a little girl I loved travelling, and I always fantasized about having my very own travel agency when I grow up, “Maki Taki Travel”. When I told my parents and family about my idea, their first question was “Why Taki?”, to which I replied “Well, Taki, as in Dad (Tata is the Serbian word for Dad), because he is the one who would pay for it all!”.

When I was a little girl - Marija Vucetic

I was also interested in communication with people, organization of business processes and computer technologies. So it comes as no surprise that I chose to attend the Faculty of Information Management and to later, as a logical sequence of events, pursue a career as an IT Project Manager.

During the course of my studies, I realized that travelling, which I still love very much, should be put outside the frame of my primary profession and that I should organize my days off and vacations so as to spend them on beautiful trips with the people I love. This would enable me to achieve the perfect balance between the job I love and the quality free time that provides me with the energy to perform my tasks at maximum capacity.

When I graduated I wanted to start my career working as a software developer.  This meant taking the rocky road but I believed it to be a better solution for securing a good future. I wanted to experience how it looked like to work as a developer in order to have a better understanding of the entire process once I become a Project Manager.  I also thought that if I gained technical knowledge during my work as a developer it would be invaluable.

Marija Vucetic, Digital Project Manager

A few years ago I applied for a job as a junior software developer and didn’t tell anyone that I would like to work one day as a Project Manager. It was really interesting to work along with colleagues with better technical background than myself and, at that moment, my competitive behavior rose to the highest level. I wanted to be great at the job I was doing, and the atmosphere was very positive and competitive. I must say that I wasn’t completely fulfilled working as a developer since I had always wanted to be involved in communication with the clients and I constantly kept thinking of how things should be organized better.

After almost 2 years working as a Software Developer, I applied for a job at Vega IT, as a software developer but that was the first time I told someone that I wanted to become a Project Manager. I started working here as a Software Developer but soon I was involved in communication with clients and this provided me with an opportunity to experience how it would look like to be a Project Manager. I felt great; I realized that the responsibility and chaos caused by a lot of notifications, emails and someone constantly interrupting you by asking something was where I felt very comfortable.

A child's imagination and an adult’s reality are often conflicted, but I am happy with my choice and I feel that I have found the perfect harmony between the two things I love.

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About the author

Marija Vucetic
Digital Project Manager

One of our optimists, Marija came to Project Management as a software developer. Her attitude of "if it can be done, it's already done," graduated her to a leadership position, and Vega IT is a safer place because of her.


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