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The EU Code Week 2018: Vega IT’s OOD workshops

The EU Code Week 2018: Vega IT’s OOD workshops

Working in an innovative and dynamic industry such as IT means that, even with a decade-long experience under your belt, there’s still much to learn. How to keep up-to-date with the latest technologies, principles and programming languages?

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop until you get there.” - Bo Jackson

In most cases, the passion for learning is what ignites our colleagues’ personal growth. Thus, we think that our role as an organisation is to provide each person with continuous opportunities to develop their skills and adopt new ways of improving their code quality.

EU Code Week workshops at Vega IT

During the EU Code Week, many organisations in the European countries will create their own events and promote programming and IT to the public. This year, we decided to embrace the idea and, instead of organising our “Ask the Expert event, do something valuable for our colleagues.

The goal is simple: To further expand their knowledge by providing them with a unique, hands-on experience in Coding Standards and Elements of Object-oriented Design. But, how will we achieve that?

EU Code Week 2018

Starting from this weekend, Vega IT will hold four weekend-long internal workshops with a renown IT consultant Zoran Horvat for 40 of our colleagues where they will have the chance to explore Object-oriented Design principles in depth and further advance their skills.

Why did we choose to hold these workshops?

One of the core values we as an organisation promote is adaptive and innovative thinking. We know that sometimes it is difficult to overcome the obstacles we face on our own, or during our regular knowledge-sharing sessions. So, we wanted to give our colleagues the means and the possibility to proactively discuss the ideas behind OOD and familiarise themselves with a broader range of these concepts:

  • Principles of Object-Oriented Design
  • Elements of Object-Oriented Design
  • Coding Standards
  • Map-reduce Principle
  • Functional Thinking in C#
  • Interface Segregation
  • Tuples and Fast Prototyping

Even though this is not the first time we’re holding workshops with Zoran, our colleagues didn’t lack enthusiasm when signing up for this practical knowledge-sharing event. When we consider the number of colleagues who wanted to take part in the event, we know that we will surely organise similar events in the future.

In the next few weeks, you will have the opportunity to read more about our colleagues’  impressions and experiences after the completed workshops.

Stay tuned for the updates!

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